Pure Citizen is a flash sale site with a heart. Created to use the power of the sale to give back, we have built giving back into the core of our business - from the companies we feature to the innovative donation feature on our site.

Every weekday members receive an email (our Daily Love) filled with the inspiring story of a company that is committed to making the world a better place. Not only do the stories inspire, but for 72 hours members have exclusive access on Pure Citizen to purchase a hand-picked selection of products from this company at 30-90% off.

Not only do purchases support these inspiring companies, but members have the option to save a little less and donate the difference to a featured non-profit. The beautiful thing? 20% of members have used this feature, raising thousands of dollars for charity since our November 2010 launch.

We are a small team - committed more than anything to running a company with love, putting people and the planet first. Please join us, as one Pure Citizen to another, in supporting and spreading the word about all these amazing companies that are making our world a better place.

Peace and Love,

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